The National Sport of Poland - A Rich Tradition

August 25, 2023

Poland, a country located in Central Europe, has a long and rich history when it comes to sports. While various activities and games are enjoyed by the Polish people, there is one sport that holds a special place in their hearts - football.

Football - A National Obsession

Football, or soccer as it is called in some parts of the world, became immensely popular in Poland in the late 19th century. Today, it is undoubtedly the most popular and widely practiced sport in the country. The national football team of Poland has achieved considerable success on the international stage, earning a loyal following and contributing to the sport's popularity.

The Ekstraklasa - Poland's Premier Football League

At the heart of Polish football is the Ekstraklasa, the country's top professional league. Established in 1926, it has a rich history and is composed of 16 teams competing for the top spot. Matches are held throughout the country, attracting passionate supporters who embody the true spirit of the sport.

Handball - A Fast-paced Indoor Sport

While football may be the most popular, handball holds a special place in Polish sports culture. Handball, played both indoors and outdoors, is a high-energy team sport where players attempt to score goals by throwing a small ball into the opponent's net. The Polish handball team has had remarkable success in international competitions, including multiple gold medals in the World Championships.

Ice Hockey - A Winter Sport Passion

As the temperature drops, Poland embraces ice hockey. This fast-paced winter sport has gained a substantial following over the years. The Polish ice hockey team, though not as dominant as some other nations, continues to make strides in international competitions.

Volleyball - The People's Sport

Volleyball has gained immense popularity in Poland, becoming one of the people's favorite sports. The national volleyball team has enjoyed significant success, winning multiple World and European Championships. Additionally, numerous indoor and beach volleyball tournaments are organized across the country, showcasing the passion and enthusiasm of Polish players and fans alike.

Traditional Sports and Games

While modern sports have taken center stage in Poland, the country also embraces traditional sports and games that have deep historical roots. These include Gorodki (a traditional bowling game), Sztama (a form of wrestling), and KƂopotanie (a form of tag). These traditional activities provide a glimpse into Poland's cultural heritage and continue to be enjoyed by many.

The Impact of Sports in Polish Society

Sports play a significant role in Polish society, not only as a form of entertainment but also as a means of fostering national unity and pride. Whether it is the shared excitement during major football tournaments or the national pride felt when Polish athletes excel on the international stage, sports serve as a unifying force within the country.

Sports Facilities and Infrastructure

Poland boasts modern and state-of-the-art sports facilities and infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for hosting international tournaments and events. The country has successfully hosted numerous sports events, including the European Football Championship in 2012, which further enhanced its reputation as a sporting nation.


The national sport of Poland is a unique blend of passion, tradition, and national pride. Football, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, and traditional sports all contribute to the vibrant sports culture of the country. Through sports, the Polish people come together, celebrate their achievements, and showcase their sporting prowess to the world.

So, the next time you visit Poland, make sure to immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of a football match, marvel at the agility displayed in a handball game, cheer for the home team in an ice hockey battle, or witness the thrilling spikes of a volleyball tournament. Experience the national sport of Poland and witness the passion that has been ingrained in Polish sports for generations.

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