Flutter stuck on initializing graddle

30 January, 2019

You probably just installed the whole Flutter by following the getting started guide neatly, and see your build of the test app getting stuck at "Initializing graddle...".

Do note that the first launch of graddle will take some time, even on a good computer and fast internet (for me it was around 20 minutes).

Before you stop and try to rebuild, I suggest you enable verbose building output. (Scroll down) so you see what is actually happening.

Also make sure you have set your system PATH correctly.

Overload CSS `cursor: wait` page wide with jquery

04 December, 2018



You probably want to tell users on your page to wait for something important that is happening in the background. Most likely performing asynchronous page calls, calculations, DOM manipulation etc...

But just like any CSS property, the nested elements override the parent's property. This is troublesome if you have a lot of buttons and custom cursors in your style.

Tropico 6 with 1GB graphics card

29 October, 2018

The steam store page of Tropico 6 states that the minimum amount of RAM of the graphics card should be 2GB.

However I was surprised that my GTX750 with only 1GB of RAM managed to play the game quite smoothly. Do note I had to turn the settings down to an average of medium to high, and accept the fair resolution of 1600x900.

On these settings I achieved a comfortable 50 - 60 fps, which is pleasing enough if you don't want to upgrade your card and just enjoy the game. Lowering the resolution noticeably improved the frame rate, but the final image becomes blurry, even with full anti-aliasing.

The limiting factor of playing on a 1GB card is the resolution.


Yes, playable!
On GTX750 1GB:

  • max resolution 1600*900
  • medium settings
  • average fps 50-60

Golang reflect if initialized struct has member method or fields

12 April, 2018

In Go it is possible to check if any pointer to an initialized struct has a given method or field. The use of this is to make sure that you can call a given method, or access a given field without receiving a runtime panic.

Serialize structures in Golang

04 April, 2018

In this blogpost I'll show you one of the many ways to serialize structures in Go.

Golang Beego implementing and using CAPTCHA

19 January, 2017

In this small tutorial I'll show you how to use CAPTCHA validation inside your application. We won't be using the builtin CAPTCHA of Beego but instead use another package of GitHub user dchest, and his package captcha.

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