About me

Baby please, these two weeks are too long. I miss you, I want to hear you.

I'm sorry, I love you a lot, I don't want my future without you, te extraño.

Hola bebe, hope you are oké.

Happy 20th of the month, the message above is still valid.

When are you coming back?

  • Some guy, 11904 days old, since '91
  • Last name Van Vlasselaer, named after some vague location in Belgium
  • First name Gilles, French origin with the meaning "young goat" or "servant of Jesus" (see Saint Giles, 6th century), the -les is silent
  • gilles.vanvlasselaer@gmail.com

Passioned with computer and tech related things since I was a small kid, so it is fair to call me a geek. This is my personal domain which is up and running since 2004-2005. Over the time this domain was home to many projects.

  • Website containing a huge database of legacy windows drivers
  • Accountless Image hosting
  • Community mirror for massive World of War craft updates
  • Free hosting of Mumble voice servers
  • Free IRC Quake net bouncers
  • Collection of Source TV demos, frag movies and player configurations of the professional Benelux Counter-Strike:Source scene
  • Static web hosting for small web pages of friends and their own domains
  • Fiddling around in PHP
  • Url shortener
  • Free DNS subdomains

But for now it's only home to my blog. Sadly a lot of content has been lost when my provider updated the PHP engine to 8.0 in 2021. I have rewritten this blog in Go during May 2022 and tried to salvage as much of content I could. My excuses if you happen to find dead links.