The National Sport of Jordan

August 25, 2023

Jordan, a country rich in cultural heritage and sporting traditions, has a national sport that reflects its deep-rooted history and passion for athleticism. Although Jordan has diverse athletic pursuits, the national sport of the country is none other than football.

Football's Journey in Jordan

Football, or soccer, has been a prominent sport in Jordan for over a century. The country's love for the game began during the British mandate period when the first football clubs were established. Early enthusiasts of the sport laid the foundation for organized football competitions and paved the way for its popularity across the nation.

Today, football is deeply ingrained in the culture of Jordan. It unites communities, transcends social barriers, and ignites a sense of national pride. Whether it's the national team competing on the international stage or local clubs participating in domestic leagues, football is a major force in the sporting landscape of the country.

The Jordanian Football Association

The governing body responsible for the development and regulation of football in Jordan is the Jordan Football Association (JFA). Established in 1949, the JFA oversees various aspects of the sport, including national team selection, organizing domestic leagues, and promoting grassroots football among youth.

The JFA has played a vital role in the growth of football in Jordan. It has provided support and resources to clubs, coaches, and players at all levels, contributing to the overall improvement of the sport in the country. Through its initiatives, the JFA aims to raise the standard of football in Jordan and compete at an international level.

National Team Achievements

The Jordan national football team, nicknamed "Al-Nashama" (The Chivalrous), has made significant strides in recent years. While the team has not yet qualified for a FIFA World Cup, it has achieved notable success in regional competitions.

One of the team's greatest achievements came in 2011 when Jordan won the West Asian Football Federation Championship, defeating Palestine in the final. This victory brought pride and celebration to the nation, solidifying football's place as the national sport of Jordan.

Football Culture in Jordan

Football in Jordan extends beyond the professional realm, with a vibrant grassroots and amateur football culture. From street matches to community tournaments, football acts as a unifying force among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Football clubs and academies are scattered across the country, nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for aspiring players to develop their skills. These clubs act as hubs for fostering both athletic and personal growth among Jordan's youth, promoting discipline, teamwork, and fair play.

Jordanian Football Stars

Jordan has produced several talented football players who have left their mark on the national and international stages. One such player is Amer Shafi, the country's most capped goalkeeper and a true icon of Jordanian football. His exceptional skills and leadership qualities have made him a revered figure in the sport.

Another notable player is Yasir Al Shahrani, who has represented the national team and achieved success at club level. His performances have caught the attention of football enthusiasts both in Jordan and beyond.


Football holds a special place in the hearts of the Jordanian people, serving as a reflection of their identity and aspirations. It embodies the love for competition, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. Football's popularity continues to grow in Jordan, captivating both players and fans alike, and ensuring its position as the beloved national sport of the country.

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