Flutter stuck on initializing graddle

30 January, 2019

You probably just installed the whole Flutter by following the getting started guide neatly, and see your build of the test app getting stuck at "Initializing graddle...".

Do note that the first launch of graddle will take some time, even on a good computer and fast internet (for me it was around 20 minutes).

Before you stop and try to rebuild, I suggest you enable verbose building output. (Scroll down) so you see what is actually happening.

Also make sure you have set your system PATH correctly.

How to fix a slow performing xampp php 7

02 June, 2016

So I was for once in a long time again busy with web development, trying out the new PHP 7 in combination with xampp. Being frustrated by the slow page servings on my decent hardware equipped localhost, I went out to find the bottleneck.

Netflix Android subtitles don't show up

17 May, 2016

How to fix Netflix subtitles on your phone or tablet when selected subtitles are not being showed on the video, four easy suggestions.