Netflix Android subtitles don't show up

May 17, 2016

How to fix Netflix subtitles on your phone or tablet when selected subtitles are not being showed on the video, four easy suggestions.

1. Rotate screen

This is most common way to fix the problem. Disable the screen rotation lock, open up a video, enable the subtitles and flip your phone 180°, the subtitles should appear.

2. Try another connection

The Netflix troubleshooting guide states that if your network settings are misconfigured the subtitles may not work, so simply try another WiFi network and see if the problem still persists. Also note that the use of a VPN may cause the problem too.

3. Restart Android

Hold down the power button for a few seconds and select "Reboot/Restart" on the popup screen. Let Android boot up and try to see if the problem still persist.

4. Reinstall the app

Simply remove the app and download it again from the Play store.