The National Sport of Solomon Islands

August 25, 2023

Solomon Islands, an archipelago located in the South Pacific, is not only known for its stunning beauty and rich culture but also for its fervent passion for sports. While various sports are enjoyed and played across the islands, there is one sport that stands out as the national sport of Solomon Islands – football, locally known as futsal.

Futsal in Solomon Islands

Futsal, a variant of association football (soccer), is extremely popular throughout Solomon Islands. It gained immense popularity in the late 20th century and has become a significant part of the country's identity. The sport is played both competitively and recreationally, with players of all ages and skill levels participating.

History of Futsal in Solomon Islands

Futsal was introduced to Solomon Islands in the 1980s. It quickly caught on among the locals who were captivated by the fast-paced, action-packed nature of the game. The sport quickly spread across the country, with communities organizing their own futsal tournaments and leagues.

National Futsal Team

Solomon Islands' national futsal team, known as the Kurukuru, is renowned as one of the most successful teams in the Pacific region. The Kurukuru has enjoyed significant achievements in international competitions, including winning the Oceania Futsal Championship multiple times. Their success has garnered admiration and support from fans across the country.

Futsal Culture in Solomon Islands

What sets futsal apart in Solomon Islands is the deep-rooted culture and enthusiasm surrounding the sport. It is not just seen as a game but a way of life for many Solomon Islanders. Community futsal matches create a sense of unity and act as a platform for socializing and fostering relationships. The love for futsal extends to all corners of the country, from urban centers to remote villages.

Futsal Facilities and Infrastructure

In recent years, Solomon Islands has witnessed an investment in futsal facilities and infrastructure. The government, along with private organizations, has built numerous futsal courts across the islands. These facilities provide a space for enthusiasts to showcase their skills, nurture young talent, and promote the sport at both local and national levels.

Futsal Development and Youth Empowerment

The popularity of futsal in Solomon Islands has led to an increased focus on youth development programs centered around the sport. Futsal academies and coaching clinics have emerged to provide structured training and guidance to aspiring young players. The sport has become a platform for empowering youth and instilling important values such as teamwork, discipline, and dedication.

Impact on National Identity

Futsal's ascent as the national sport of Solomon Islands has had a profound impact on the country's identity. It has brought communities together, bridged cultural barriers, and created a shared sense of pride. The success of the national team has inspired a new generation of players and fans, fueling dreams of sporting glory and international recognition.

Future of Futsal in Solomon Islands

With its passionate fan base and a proud sporting heritage, futsal's future in Solomon Islands seems promising. As the sport continues to grow and develop, there is hope that it will attract more international attention and opportunities for Solomon Islands players to compete on a global stage.

Preserving Indigenous Sporting Traditions

While futsal has gained dominance in Solomon Islands, it is essential to preserve the cultural sporting traditions of the archipelago. Solomon Islanders continue to engage in traditional sports such as canoe racing, palm obstacle course, and coconut tree climbing. Balancing the growth of futsal with the preservation of indigenous sports ensures a diverse and vibrant sporting landscape.


The national sport of Solomon Islands, futsal, has captured the hearts of locals and become an integral part of the country's identity. Its fast-paced nature, community spirit, and innate passion for the game have made it a unifying force across the archipelago. As futsal continues to thrive, it will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of sports in Solomon Islands, leaving a lasting impact on its people.

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