The National Sport of Saudi Arabia

August 25, 2023

Saudi Arabia, a country with a rich cultural heritage, is known for its numerous traditional sports. Among these, one sport stands out as the national favorite - falconry. Falconry has deep historical roots in Saudi Arabian culture and continues to be a cherished tradition to this day.

Origins of Falconry in Saudi Arabia

Falconry has been practiced in the Arabian Peninsula for over 2,000 years. Bedouin tribes, who relied on hunting for survival, developed the art of falconry as a means of capturing prey. The sport quickly gained popularity among the nomadic desert dwellers, becoming an integral part of their way of life.

The Art and Skills of Falconry

Falconry is not just a sport but a form of art that requires a profound understanding of nature and a deep bond between the falconer and the bird of prey. The falcons used in Saudi Arabian falconry are primarily Peregrine Falcons and Saker Falcons. These majestic birds are highly intelligent and possess incredible speed and agility.

Falconry in Saudi Arabia involves training the falcons to hunt and retrieve game in a controlled environment. The falconer uses various techniques to build trust and establish a strong connection with the bird. This includes providing proper nutrition, regular exercise, and simulated hunting scenarios.

Falconry Competitions

As the national sport of Saudi Arabia, falconry is celebrated through numerous competitions held across the country. These competitions attract both local and international falconers, showcasing their skills and their prized birds.

One of the most prestigious falconry events in Saudi Arabia is the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, held annually in Riyadh. This festival brings together falconers from around the world to participate in various categories of falconry, including speed Falconry, precision hunting, and beauty contests. The winners of these competitions receive substantial rewards and recognition.

Promoting Conservation Efforts

While falconry is deeply rooted in Saudi Arabian culture, there is also a strong focus on conservation efforts to protect these magnificent birds. Falconers in Saudi Arabia actively work to preserve the natural habitats of falcons, ensuring a sustainable future for both the sport and the birds themselves.

Various organizations collaborate with falconers to support research, breeding programs, and awareness campaigns. These initiatives play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance and the preservation of local falcon species.


Falconry is not just a sport in Saudi Arabia; it is a way of life and a symbol of cultural heritage. The passion for falconry has transcended generations, preserving the tradition and ensuring its continuity for years to come.

Through falconry, Saudi Arabians have found a unique connection with nature and a means of expressing their identity. The sport serves as a testament to the country's rich history, love for wildlife, and their commitment to preserving their cultural heritage.

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