The National Sport of Netherlands: A Passion for Historical Football

August 25, 2023

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is not only famous for its picturesque canals, tulip fields, and windmills, but also for its love and passion for football. Football, or soccer as it is commonly known in some parts of the world, has been deeply ingrained in Dutch culture for more than a century. It is considered the national sport of the Netherlands, and its popularity has grown exponentially over the years.

The History of Football in the Netherlands

The roots of football in the Netherlands can be traced back to the late 19th century when the sport was introduced to the country by English students and professionals. The first football club in the Netherlands, HFC (Haarlemsche Football Club), was established in 1879. Soon after, many other clubs sprouted across the country, leading to the formation of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) in 1889, the governing body for football in the Netherlands.

One of the most significant moments in Dutch football history came in the early 1970s when the Netherlands national team, also known as "Oranje," led by legendary coach Rinus Michels and featuring renowned players such as Johan Cruyff and Johan Neeskens, introduced a revolutionary playing style known as "Total Football." This innovative tactical approach involved fluid movement, positional interchange, and attacking play from all areas of the pitch. The Dutch national team's success and reputation during this period helped shape the nation's love for football and sparked a new era of excitement and devotion among fans.

The Eredivisie: The Premier Football League in the Netherlands

At the heart of the Netherlands' football culture is the Eredivisie, the top professional football league in the country. Founded in 1956, the Eredivisie consists of 18 teams competing for the national championship. The league is renowned for its technical and attacking style of play, which has produced some of the world's greatest footballers. Teams like Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and Feyenoord have achieved great success both domestically and internationally, garnering a strong following and adding to the pride and passion associated with Dutch football.

Fierce Rivalries and Exciting Derbies

Rivalries between clubs fuel the excitement and intensity of football in the Netherlands. The most famous and historic rivalry is between Ajax and Feyenoord, known as the "De Klassieker." Matches between the two sides are highly anticipated and create an electric atmosphere both on and off the pitch. The passion and intensity displayed by supporters during these encounters truly exemplify the Dutch love for the sport.

The National Team and International Success

While the Netherlands has a rich domestic football culture, the country's national team has also achieved considerable success on the international stage. The Oranje has appeared in multiple FIFA World Cup tournaments, with their best performances coming in 1974, 1978, 2010, and 2014 when they reached the final. The Dutch national team has produced some remarkable players throughout history, including the aforementioned Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit, and current stars like Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt.

Football Facilities and Infrastructure

The Netherlands is renowned for its excellent football facilities and infrastructure. The country boasts state-of-the-art stadiums, training centers, and youth academies, which play a vital role in nurturing young talent and ensuring the continuous development of the sport. Furthermore, the participation rate in grassroots football is incredibly high, with thousands of people, young and old, participating in local leagues and youth teams across the country.

Football as a Catalyst for Social Cohesion

Football in the Netherlands goes beyond victories on the pitch; it serves as a catalyst for social cohesion. The sport brings communities together, transcending differences of age, race, and social background. Whether it is gathering in local pubs to support their favorite team or attending matches in stadiums, Dutch football fans often share a common bond and a sense of belonging.


The national sport of the Netherlands, football, holds a special place in the hearts of the Dutch people. Its rich history, iconic clubs, and successful national team have cemented its status as a cultural phenomenon. From the historic moments of Total Football to the electric rivalries between clubs, football has united the nation and continues to captivate fans of all ages. It is a source of pride, excitement, and community spirit, making it an essential part of Dutch culture.

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