John Clement - 2021-12-31

Would you be willing to have an archive of other plugins for 32 bit and 64? There are so many that are useful, and sometimes they just evaporate becoming unfindable. On that I have archived on my computer is Dsharp, which is one of the best refocusing plugins, but without any docs or sources. It has vanished from the web.

I have 2 which I fixed from the existing sources: Border control, Filter Blender. Both had some nasty defects. Border control wouldn't save/restore properly, and Filter Blender could only be used once in the chain of filters. Both were fixed and extended. Border Control fades, colors, and/or smears specific edges of the frame. Filter Blender blends the actions of other filters so if a filter action is too strong, it can be blended with the original frame, and can restrict the blend to a specific area. The only problem is that it cannot be used with filters that work arcross multiple frames such as Temporal smoother. Filter blender is only 32 bit so it can overload memory if used multiple times in a chain. It works by first saving a frame, and then after several filters a second invocation blends the saved frame with the filtered frame. This can be done several times in the chain, but each pair of invocations adds another saved frame to memory.

I would suggest a useful addition to supported plugins Histogram and curves, but combined into one filter that displays the histogram on the curves. This is a standard way of doing it in other video and photo processors. This would make adjustment easy without having the histogram appear in the output, unless you want that to do a test run. Yes, this is available on many video or picture processors, but it would be useful in VD2.